Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It was a nice surprise!

Today, I spent all day at the hospital preparing for Monday surgery, YES I am going back to the operating room and this time to take out both ovaries and the uterus.

because if I do not do it I have got a large risk of cancer coming back
because Tamoxifen is not the drug for me and is doing more harm than good
because I need to be in menopause in order to replace Tamoxifen for another drug
because I need to be in medical menopause so I can get rid of my large level of estrogen
and because I do not need my ovaries or my Uterus but I do need to see my son growing.

Yesterday and today have been hard days getting used to the idea that a large surgery has to be done. But I received the great surprise from Fiona in the UK and Chris that the video of the 60 miles walk (100 Km) from September for Susan G Komen to raise funds for Breast cancer from our group was ready.

This walk was and will be one of the best experience of my life, these are the friends who have been unconditionally on my side and I know will be with me all the way through. Amazing ladies and amazing people with huge hearts and a great sense of humor. Receiving this video so cheer me up today it was a nice surprise for a bad day, it reminded me that we will be together through this and I do feel sooooooo much better!

Enjoy this video, It is great!!!