Monday, August 20, 2012

I wish......

I do not wish any bad things to people but I am starting to have real hate feelings to the person or people who stole my identity last September.

Last week I found out that AT&T did open an account to that person last year and the account has a balance of $800 that has not been paid. Of course AT&T is after me now but my question is.....why AT&T opened an account to someone else in Miami in the first place and they never notify me?.  Why after having a home AT&T account for almost 7 years and paid always on time, AT&T never checked with me why the other account was never paid?. I am so furious....

Today I decided that it is time to have a professional involve in the case and have decided to engage a lawyer to help me, I am now too scared and worried that there are others things out there that are still going to come my way.


  1. Jooooder!! vaya historia interminable!! ojalá el abogado te ayude a zanjarlo del todo, porque ya es demasiado!!

    Un besote guapa, animo!

    1. Desgraciadamente esto nunca lo llegare a arreglar, una vez que tus datos han salido al mercado es muy dificil deshacerse del problema. Lo unico que puedo hacer es ser proactiva y es lo que estoy intentando hacer ahora. Que cago en quien vendio mis datos!!