Monday, December 26, 2011

Radiation - More update

This is specially for Ainara as she wanted to see the machine where they do radiation. They will not do a photo with me on it but they told me that they will find a photo for me and they did. This is the place where I spend time every morning, the machine is called 2100 IX Varian and does both X ray and radiation.

You lay down in the bed and they move the bed up and back to meet the machine. The top screen has got like laser beans that are align to the 5 tattoo dots around my left breast. Then they have got a computer in front of the machine that tells them what position I have to be located exactly. The front of the machine rotates around and the top has got like metal teeth that closes and opens depending how much radiation they do. All radiations are on the left breast but with different angles. They radiate 3 times in different positions on the right, one on the top and around 4 other positions on the left side. They are targeting my left breast, my underarm and the left chest all the way up to the shoulder as that is where the next lymph nodes are located.

I have now done 17 sessions and so far so good, I have not had any burns but my skin colour is different from the right breast. The cream that Dulce sent me from Spain has been really good and so far it is really working. I do feel tired but I am not sure if it is radiation or just the busy schedules that we are having during Christmas. Around 10 days ago the machine broke and they went through the list of who was high risk and who was not high risk, the ones high risk had to be back in the afternoon, the ones with the low risk had a free day. I was given the day free which was great, meaning low risk, however it means that I will be finishing now on the 11 of January vs. earlier. I had a conversation the other day with my doctor to do double days so I could finish earlier and he told me again that I do not gain anything good with it, the only thing I might gain will be a skin burn that my plastic surgeon will not like. So we will not be doing double days and we will be finishing on the 11 of January, almost there....

I did go last week to do Herceptin as well, nothing to report that way. One hour connected to the IV through the chemo port and no side effects so really happy with it!.


  1. Gracias Milaaaa!!

    Esa máquina parece supercompletiiisima no??? bueno, que yo no se de eso, pero por lo que cuentas...

    A mi no se que tipo de maquina me van a poner, porque resulta que el hospital al que voy es privado, y justo estan de mudanza a otro mas grande y nuevo que acaban de construir. Así que las máquinas de radiología las estan cambiando al otro y los pacientes nos tendremos que ir a la pública... me tengo que enterar de cómo va la cosa.

    Aiiiinnsss, en el fondo estoy nerviosa porque cuando no se cómo es el siguiente paso me pongo un poco intranquila, pero bueno, primero me queda la operación.

    Gracias por tu ayuda. y que paseis buen fin de año!!

  2. Despues de la radioterapia, te duele en seno? y esta dura esa parte..